Personalised Funeral Flowers

When a loved one dies, the family and friends left behind often must deal with many difficult decisions. Some of the most pressing issues and decisions around the funeral and one specific decision is what type of funeral to have. 

Some families choose a traditional funeral, while others opt for a more personalised approach. If you’re looking for a unique way to honour your loved one’s memory, consider bespoke funeral flowers. 

Personalised flowers can be tailored to reflect your loved one’s personality and interests, making them in many ways, the perfect way to express your grief and say goodbye. 

Below we’ve showcased, just some of the personalised floral tributes we’ve worked on in the past as well as outlined how we work with you to ensure that the result is exactly what you’re expecting.

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Floral Tributes: Names and Relations

A colourful arrangement for a special Granny. Names and relations are some of the most popular personalisation’s where funeral flowers are concerned.

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Floral Tributes: Letters

 A small yet very detailed boot arrangement on a letter, using the most beautiful colours and roses.

Complete Personalisation: Food & Drink

This tribute was created for a lover of Guinness. If loved one was a fan of a particular drink, we can show it on your floral tribute. We can also work to produce imitations of favourite chocolate bars, foods and more.

Complete Personalisation: Bespoke Scenes

A tribute fit for a loving Grandad who adored his vegetable patch. We really can build out anything and everything, if you think it, we’ll do our best to bring your idea to life. We’ll work with you to create the best possible floral tribute.

Complete Personalisation: Characters

A large 3D tribute of Bambi for a special Nanny called Nambi for her lifelong love of the Bambi character.  This was designed from an ornament which was in Nambi’s living room close to where she sat. 

How we work with you for personalised flowers

Regardless of the type of flowers we’re helping you with, we use a tried and tested method to ensure that the flowers you receive, not only meet but exceed your expectations. You can read more in our handy 5 Step Guide. With your vision in mind, we’ll guide you through the below five steps;

  1. Shape – this is where it all starts, what shape, we can start with a standard shape or go for something completely bespoke.  
  2. Base – this helps to build the look and feel of your arrangement and can be flowers, mixed loose flowers, or layered leaves, we can talk you through all the options.
  3. Colours – this is where we can talk even more about personalisation, think about favourite colours or we can speak to you about the meaning of certain colours. We’ve worked with football team colours, paint colours and many more!
  4. Edging – this sits around the edge of your arrangement and can either be a coloured ribbon or layered edging.
  5. Personalisation – this is your chance to add anything you like. We’ve created lots and are always up for a challenge.

We always recommend buying personalised floral tributes when it comes to funeral flowers. 

Why? Well, for starters, they can be both beautiful and provide a sense of comfort and significance that is just not possible with generic bouquets or arrangements. 

When you buy something special like this from us at Fleur De Vee, we know that the customers involved will appreciate them more than if we had bought something off-the-shelf. 

So, get in touch today to find out what we can do!

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