Although paying tribute to a loved one that has passed away isn’t always the easiest subject to tackle, it is one that is important. Here at Fleur de Vee, we know that considering how to choose the right funeral flowers can be tricky, but we’d love to guide you through the whole process. Funeral flowers are a really personal decision, and realistically there is no right or wrong when it comes to the floral display you choose to have. If you’re unsure what flowers you think would suit then please feel free to get in touch. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to go through the options with you and help you decide what is best.

Popular Types of Funeral Flowers

Although there isn’t a strict dos and don’ts list for floral tributes, there are some choices that are more popular than others. Popular choices include lilies, carnations, roses, orchids and chrysanthemums but that doesn’t mean those are the only choices. We know that flowers for a loved one are a really personal decision so if there is a certain type of flower you would like or a colour scheme that is important to you; we’ll always do our best to work with you and make that happen. Flowers are often chosen for a special meaning or to symbolise a trait or characteristic of a person and some of the most common meanings are;

  • Roses – Love, Happiness, New Beginnings
  • Carnations – Remembrance, Devotion
  • Orchids – Love, Thoughtfulness
  • Lilies – Innocence, Purity
  • Chrysanthemums – Loyalty, Devotion

Colours of flowers and what they mean. Amongst the popular types of funeral flowers, colours can also signify meaning. Some of the common ones are;

  • Roses
    • White – reverence, youthfulness & innocence
    • Red – respect, love & courage.
    • Pink – Love & grace.
    • Yellow – Friendship.
  • Carnations 
    • White – pure love & innocence. 
    • Pink – remembrance.
  • Orchids 
    • Pink & white – eternal love. 

The Different Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements

As well as picking flowers for a funeral, you might want to give some consideration to how you would like them displayed. Many florists, including us, will work with you to achieve your goals. But we like to go the extra mile here so we work hard to pre-empt questions or changes to help the process be as smooth as possible. We’re happy to talk this through with you and put together any personalised display you might like. Funeral flower arrangements that we offer as standard are:

  • Casket Sprays 
  • Funeral Wreaths and posies
  • Hearts 
  • Funeral Letters and Names
  • Cushions 

Expert Advice From Your Local Florist

Having dealt with lots of funerals, we know that you probably have hundreds of questions. Here’s what our experts tips.

“First of all. Don’t panic – your Florist has done this many times before. No question is a silly one and they’ll guide you through every step to make the best design possible.

The first thing to consider is style – traditional, modern, rustic, feminine, masculine, or casual.  At Fleur De Vee, we help by asking a few questions about the deceased and we’ll from there have an accurate picture of what’s right for you.

After style, it’s onto the colour – one thing often overlooked, is the season so we always take this into consideration when advising our clients. If you want a simple tribute, white and green work beautifully for every occasion.

After style and colour, it’s on to size. We generally see that simple hand-tied, sheaths, baskets and posies are ideal for friends whereas if the floral tribute is from the immediate family, these tend to be bigger, more personalised tributes with hearts, crosses, cushions and sprays being popular choices.

Shapes come next and whilst our team can make just about anything 2 or 3 dimensional, a wreath is always popular due to its extreme versatility, and the shape represents “never-ending love”

Hearts are suited for close family members and can be made with any style in mind. Crosses, Gates and religious symbols hold a religious significance.

With those considerations in place. We’ll then work with you to choose the right flowers for your tribute. As mentioned before, we’re on hand every step of the way so don’t panic about anything.”

Writing an Accompanying Funeral Card

Under these circumstances, it isn’t always easy to find the words, but we know that expressing how you feel is important to you. The funeral of a loved one is a way to say goodbye and we completely understand that you’ll want the whole process to be flawless, right down to the accompanying funeral card.

We have a range of tasteful cards for you to choose from and there are several pre-written verses that you may wish to choose from if you’re unable to find the words yourself. However, if you would like a hand with knowing what to say then our team would be happy to offer their assistance through this.

Choosing flowers for a funeral is not something that anyone ever wants to do, but we hope to make the process as stress-free and smooth as possible. There are no requests too big or too small, so if you have something in mind for the funeral of a loved one, please get in touch as it would be our honour to help make that happen.