Funerals are a difficult time to be learning something new – no one tells you what to do but everyone expects you to know. It can feel uncomfortable to ask for the information you need so if you’re in that position, either as an organiser or a guest, here are the answers to questions you’ve been too afraid to ask about funeral flowers.

What is the Difference Between Sympathy and Funeral Flowers?

Sympathy flowers are for the family and can be any kind of flowers. Funeral flowers are for the deceased, are sent directly to the funeral home and can’t necessarily be any colour or type.

What Kind of Flowers Should I Buy?

Larger spreads like coffin sprays are traditionally reserved for close family. If you’re organising the funeral think about flowers to adorn the coffin. If you’re a guest think about smaller arrangements that can be placed by the memorial.

How Much Should I Spend?

What do you feel comfortable spending?  Price, depends on where you buy flowers from – an independent florist might charge slightly more than a big company, but they’ll show your flowers a lot of care and offer much more of a personal service.

Is it OK to choose colourful flowers?

This depends on the deceased and the person organising. Funeral flowers are traditionally white, but modern funerals often opt for banning monochrome.

Do I have to send a flower arrangement?

Not at all. There are many options, but make sure it’s appropriate. A thoughtful gift could be a potted plant as it will last forever if properly cared for, rather than a maximum of a few weeks with cut flowers.

What Do I Do With the Flowers?

Don’t arrive with flowers in hand, even though this feels logical. Go through a florist and have them delivered to the funeral home, or to the family home if they’re intended in sympathy.

When Should I send Flowers?

If the flowers are for the family then as soon as you receive the news is fine. If the flowers are for the deceased then send flowers directly to the venue on the day.

What Do I Write on the Card?

If you’re struggling for ideas keep it simple. Opt for something like “you will be missed”, or if they’re for the family then “thinking of you at this difficult time” is a safe option. You can also write a more personal note if that feels right for you.

Do I Send Flowers if I Can’t Attend?

If you’ve been invited to the funeral but you can’t be there then yes, sending flowers would be a thoughtful option.

How Do I Know What Flowers are Appropriate?

The most appropriate flowers are the ones that you know the deceased would have loved – if poppies are their favourite, send poppies. Even if it’s not traditional, the family will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Choosing flowers, whether a guest or part of the family organising, can feel daunting. As long as you think about what would’ve made the deceased smile or what would cheer up the family, you can’t go wrong.

How To Get Help?

Here at Fleur De Vee, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a helping hand through one of the most difficult times. Helping you arrange something personal for the day is something we’re passionate about and aim to be with you through the whole process, to answer questions and offer our support. 

If you’d like to know more about arranging our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.